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          The University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL) conducts one of six remaining Professional Land and Resource Management (PLRM) degree programs in North America. Faculty members, and more importantly the students, believe USL's PLRM program is the best of all six left in existence. This belief is undoubtedly present due to the unique nature of USL's PLRM degree program.

          The degree program is unique in the aspects of its curriculum and the Student Association of Professional Landmen (SAPL), which is more like a small business rather than an academic club. Under the current PLRM degree program at USL, students are required to take core common business knowledge courses, and also numerous major courses such as Professional Land Management Seminar I & II and Mineral Law. These major courses are unique because local land professionals and mineral lawyers teach them. This gives PLRM graduates of USL a more realistic idea of what they may encounter in a real life job as a landman, and gives updated knowledge pertaining to the oil industry.

           The Student Association of Professional Landmen was established in 1981 to aid students in familiarizing themselves with the oil industry. Many local professional landmen currently act as mentors to students through the SAPL to help prepare them for their future careers as landmen. SAPL gives students opportunities to network and socialize with many local landmen to help them make contacts throughout the oil industry. Many PLRM students at USL have obtained part time jobs as landmen through their contacts made at SAPL functions. There are many more benefits PLRM students receive through attendance of USL's PLRM degree program; for more information click the buttons below, or click here to email USL's PLRM coordinator Joel P. Authement.
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